with the “Becker Trekkers”

This unusual type of program is the best way to have a “staycation!” Perfect for adult groups and organizations of all types. (especially great for seniors). Everyone enjoys a chance to “escape” to the most exotic places on earth without the expense and hassles of actual travel (especially airport security, etc).

Take a “virtual journey” with stunning photographic images and fascinating commentary along the way. This is truly “edutainment”….Learn amazing facts in an exciting and humorous presentation. Interaction is encouraged in the “Question and Answer” period.

Judy and Jerry Becker share their enthusiasm for travel and also share … “Wow…..I never knew that!!!!!” type of insider information with their audiences. Come along on their magic carpet ride…..See the world in a whole new way!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Thanks for saving us all that time and money and taking us to some really exciting places.”
L. P. – Elmsford