Sing-A-Long Musical Variety Show

This is a great show for young kids……something to please everyone.

There are only a few multi-talented entertainers who are skilled musician/singers (guitar or keyboard)…… so their talents come at a premium. they can offer many of the activities mentioned above…plus they can offer the musical-movement songs that all kids have learned from tv, pre-k, or kindergarten. Kids naturally love to move to music and to sing familiar songs and “shake all their sillies out!”

Several options can be included in the SING-A-LONG SHOW….depending on length of program and age of children and other variables….such as puppets, instrument parade, parachute game, tattoos, face paint, balloons, etc.

“……really had the kids rocking and rolling…..a high energy show for non-stop energy kids.”
B.E. – Nyack

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