Senior Facility Services


We specialize in providing high quality programs for:

  • Senior Centers
  • Day Care Centers
  • Independent LivingĀ Groups
  • Nursing Homes

Seniors are such an appreciative audience….we care about them…and they reciprocate. We love to see their big smiles! All our programs are very interactive….filled with enjoyable audience participation throughout.

We always bring along props that suit the situation…such as various types of rhythm instruments to hand out. We customize our presentations to the “abilities” of the group. Even people who are in wheel chairs can feel like they are able to participate on their own level.

The shows are high-energy, colorful, with lots of comedy and fun. The activities provide various types of stimulation and help promote self-esteem.


Keyboard Sing-a-long

Music is especially therapeutic for all. “Name that Tune”, is very popular. Singing familiar songs brings back happy memories and makes people feel good. We also bring along rhythm instruments and props.

Hula Dance

So popular. Colorful costumes, familiar music, lovely dances. Even people who are not mobile can sit and move their hands and use the rhythm sticks, shakers and other props.

Belly Dance

Similar to Hula (but more exciting). High energy music, swirling veils, finger cymbals, beautiful costumes. The dancers also bring props to hand out.

Comedy Magic

Everyone loves colorful (easy to understand) magic. The magician can make it appear that the audience members are making the magic happen (good for self-esteem).

Non-Scary Clowns/Balloon Sculptures

The entertainer makes a colorful balloon sculpture for each senior. They love to keep their souvenirs.

Travelogue/Slideshow Lectures

This is perfect for senior centers and independent living groups. It is very intellectually stimulating. A good memory for people who have traveled and really fascinating for those who have not. We take seniors on a trip to the most exciting and exotic places in the world. Without having to leave their seats.

The best part for the entertainers is after the show when we can walk around and speak to each senior individually. Their affection and gratitude is very touching and mutually rewarding.