Mixed Variety Shows


Something to please everyone!

Young children often have a short attention span….so we feel it is important to offer them a lot of different activities at varied “energy levels.” This is a good way to hold their attention and keep them excited and happy.


Hand puppets….each child gets to hold a puppet and learns to make them “speak and sing,” tickle everyone, jump up and down and act very silly,etc…..all kids love to actually be in a puppet show!

Rhythm instrument parade….each child gets bells, maraccas, tambourines, or clackers, etc. and marches around to celebrate the event.

Musical movement…dance games, freeze dance, limbo, hokey pokey, etc.

Parachute games…only appropriate if there is a large space…kids and adults love this….good exercise for all.

Zany, colorful, age-appropriate magic…..generally for children 3 plus years and up. (We also have magic for older kids.)

Face painting or temporary tattoos….only if it is age-appropriate and there is enough time allotted.

Balloon sculpturenot safe for young children who may put balloons in their mouths…..if children are old enough, they can each receive a colorful balloon shape.

These suggestions cannot all be utilized in a typical one hour show. The LESS children at the party the MORE you can do…..or you can choose to have the entertainer stay for a longer time.

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