Belly Dancers

For more than 30 years, belly dance shows have been the most popular form of entertainment at all types of events and venues. Everyone enjoys good, clean fun …..With a touch of the “exotic.” The show is always in good taste……. Suitable for even the most conservative spectators of all ages….Kids to seniors. In fact, kids are especially intrigued by the high-energy music, movement, and whirls of colored veils and love to join in the act. The glamorously costumed dancers are very attractive and shapely. They have the perfect personality needed to engage audience members and encourage good natured participation. This enthralling show is sure to liven up and enhance any celebration. Fantastic comedic photo and video memories will last forever!!!

Dancers are available for demo/lessons and workshops. (Our dancers will give you a “fair shake!”)

“…so engaging that the women and children enjoyed the dancer as well as the men did….Wow!!!”
S.W. – Eastchester